Discovering Me Season 1

Discovering Me Season 1, A Quiz Competition that made a substantial difference in the Education Society by promoting conceptual learning over rote learning. Discovering Me Team came up with a unique concept to conduct the Quiz on Mobile Application to engage the Modern day Students which was entirely based on Conceptual Clarity and General Awareness.

The Quiz Consisted of 3 rounds, where round 1 and round 2 were on Mobile Application and Round 3, The Grand Finale was a live Quiz Show conducted at J.B Auditorium (Ahmedabad Management Association) The Students across Gujarat participated with great enthusiasm and gave solid competition to each other in the initial rounds where Top 28 Students outplayed the rest of the 53000 participants and made it to the Grand Finale of Discovering Me. The Response of Education Fraternity with mammoth participation of 53000 Students and 243 Schools stamped the Success of Discovering Me Season 1

243 Schools

53000 Students

400+ Audience in Finale

Quiz Contest on Mobile Application

Live Quiz Show at Ahmedabad Management Association

Exciting Prizes